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Welcome to Boryeong City Council Realizing the open-minded civilian legislation Boryeong-si Council realizes your dream with the best efforts.

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Greetings from Chairperson

Park Keum Soon The chairperson of Boryeong City Council

It is the chairman of Boryeong City Council, Park Keum Soon.

  • Nowadays when local competiveness becomes national competiveness, the role and mission of local council that represents citizens is very crucial.

    In other words, the success and failure of local government depends on how well does the local council perform its role and function.
    Based on the achievements of the 7th Council, all 12 council members including myself will do our best in making ¡°transforming council, together council, balanced council, trusted council¡± under the slogan of open council through communicating and accompanying with citizens.

    We ask for your unwavering interests and support so that Boryeong City Council can move to the right way. Feel free to leave any opinion on this homepage, an always open space.

    Thank you
    The chairperson, Park, Geum-soon

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