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Welcome to Boryeong City Council Realizing the open-minded civilian legislation Boryeong-si Council realizes your dream with the best efforts.

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Brief History of Chairperson

Park Keum Soon The chairperson of Boryeong City Council

Chairman Profile

  • Name : Park Keum Soon
  • Position : Chairperson
  • District : GA District


  • Graduated Department of Social Welfare, Kunjang College
  • President of Boryeong-si Saemaeul WomenĄŻs Society
  • Vice-president of Chungcheongnam-do Saemaeul WomenĄŻs Society
  • President of Boryeong-si Saemaeul WomenĄŻs Association Council
  • Director of Boryeong-si Gukak Association Conference
  • Director of Boryeong-si Cheongso Nonghyup COOP
  • Chair of Deliberative Committee on Chungnam Social Group Subsidy
  • Chair of the Special Committee on Administrative Affairs and Audit
  • (currently) Member of consultative organization for maing women-friendly city
  • Member of the 6th Council (Chair of the Committee on Economic Development)
  • Chair of the Steering Committee of the 7th Boryeong City Council
  • Vice-Chair of the second-term of the 7th Boryeong City Council
  • Chairman of the first-term of the 8th Boryeong City Council

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