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Council Members’ Duties and Term of Office

Obligations of Member

  • Obligation as the public interest precedence

    A member should precede the public interests to private interests as the representative of the civilians, fulfill the duties and maintain the integrity and reputation.

  • Obligation of misfeasance prohibition

    A member should not gain any personal profits from any agreement with local government, public organization or private company, or disposition from it and should not conciliate the acquisition for others by abusing the power.

  • Obligation of ban for holding concurrent office or trading

    A member should not have any other jobs prescribed in the related laws nor trade with any local governments or public organizations for the sake of interests. Also, a member should be appointed as an assignee or executor of the above-stated facilities or properties.

Term of Member

  • Boryeong-si council shall be organized of 12 members; 10 from 4 districts and 2 proportional members, all of whom takes a term of 4 years.

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